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How to get a PM job – by Shreyas Doshi, PM @ Google

Wish I had seen this presentation before I started applying for the Product Manager role, but looking back I am happy I covered most of these points. The search process was extremely tough with a lot of self-introspection required along the way, but it was definitely worth the time spent in refining my career objectives.

Check out the presentation below:


Some pointers for a new Product Manager role

Although there are many more points to consider when entering a new role as Product Manager in a new job, the article here does a great job at providing key points to consider. What is important is the relationship angle that has to be dealt with in the beginning, and try not to stamp your authority too hard before you understand the sensitivity of the existing corporate structure.

Read the complete article here.


New Product Management position: Things to know

Prismatic is an amazing tool, have you tried it? I have been using it a lot recently to follow-up on relevant bits of information on my topics of interest, such as Product Management, Ecommerce, Arduino, Robotics, etc. And this tool never disappoints.

Just came across this blog post by someone called Geoffrey Anderson (who I will be following up on quite keenly now). In this post, he is talking about some of the things to take care of when starting in a new product management position in a company. This could not have come at a better time for me given my situation. I certainly look to write a lot more in the future regarding my personal experiences, but for now, you can find his post here:

Starting a new Product Management Position

Here, he has just skimmed the surface as I am pretty sure, there is a lot more going on underneath. I look forward to him writing more on this, and will follow-up with more such awesome content on this blog.



I couldn’t find a better way to kick-start this website than to explain what this blog is going to be all about. Henrik Kinberg of Crisp Consultants has done an excellent job at explaining the concept of Agile Product Ownership in just over 15 minutes, which is possibly the best spent 15 minutes of my time in recent memory. I would suggest new as well as existing Product Owners/Managers to watch this video as soon as you can.

Here is the link: Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

In a few weeks from now, I will be taking on a new job responsibility of a Product Development Manager in a B2B online company in London, UK. As a result, there will be numerous fresh challenges, hence this blog will serve as primary means of communicating my learnings over this period.

As requested by a few mates, I will also be posting notes on interesting and relevant books or online content that I come across in the field of Product Management, which will hopefully serve as useful references for anyone who wants to learn more about the product development process.

That’s it for now. Again, don’t forget to watch the video.

Until next time, Keep Learning…

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